Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy First Day of Fall!  It is officially Fall!  Autumn is here!  And I know you are thinking I am going to talk about the beauty of the season, the tapestry of colors woven into the leaves on the hill, the glorious palette of hues and glows and embers and such.... well even though fall is by far my favorite season, I am not going to talk about the beautiful leaves today.  We will save all the glory of Autumn for another day.  Today is all about FALL TV. YAY!  FALL TV IS HERE!  No more reruns!  No more summer fill-in shows!  REAL TV is back!!!!! I am so happy. I love season premieres. I missed all my old friends.  I mean how is Gibbs doing?  What will Simon Baker do?  How will the castaways fare on Survivor?  SO many questions. So much to look forward to!  This week has been super busy here at Yesteryear Acres so I have all the new shows recorded and am hoping that this weekend we will get to see a few of them.  I have been anxiously awaiting the new fall season and am glad it is finally here.  My goal for the weekend.....popcorn, pajamas, puppies and premieres!  It is the perfect combo of goodness and happiness!!!!  Now if I can only make it all happen. It is actually a tough assignment. We normally don't sit down until after 10pm - which means by 10:15pm Mr. Yesteryear Acres is fast asleep but I am determined to start a fall TV festival of watching by 8:00 at least one night this weekend. Gibbs has waited long enough!

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