Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why yes Olive, I was thinking the exact same thing

It is a good thing I have dogs. Dogs are great to talk to.  Dogs are great company. Dogs always agree with you. Dogs always think you are right.  Can you say that about ANYONE else you know? Of course not. That is why dogs are awesome.  Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son have been away at the Farm Science Review. They left early this morning and won't be home until this evening.  That left me all alone for the entire day.  At first I was like WOW! I am ALL alone!  This is AWESOME!  It is so quiet! I can do whatever I want! I can watch whatever I want! But of course, I didn't do whatever I wanted nor did I watch whatever I wanted because I worked all day.  The longer the day went on, the more I realized that having the house to myself wasn't actually that great. It was a bit too quiet.  It was a bit too lonely. I didn't want to be a crazy person and start talking to myself because that would be weird so it was then that our labradoodle Olive and I started having more and more conversations together.  At first it was, "Olive, let's go to the kitchen so I can heat up my coffee".  Of course Olive was right there to help me.  As the day progressed it turned more into, "Olive we need to get the flour out so we can make bread, and Olive do you think we should make potato bread or honey oatmeal bread, and Olive we really have to start these dishes because we need this measuring cup again, and Olive I wonder what is in the mailbox followed by reading all the mail to Olive because obviously she was deeply interested. I am sure that is a very normal thing to do. I am sure that Olive appreciated my in depth conversations with her.  I mean she looked like she was interested. She wagged her tail every time I asked her a question. I guess I only need to start worrying if I let Olive start the conversations and actually do the cooking part.  So if you ever hear me say, "Olive - that is WAY too much butter that you put in our bread recipe....." I am guessing at that point - I might needs some company!

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