Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Magic Air Conditioning

Why hello cold weather! Where in the world did you come from? How could I literally be melting all last week and then today need a sweatshirt?  Last week I hugged the tree line as I did my daily walk.  One day it was so hot that I hid from the sun as if I were a vampire and would explode if the sun's rays hit me.  I walked a half-mile pathway and the second I reached the unshaded part of the walk, I did a 180* turn and went back the other way. I kept that up for the duration of my hour walk and I still was melting with every step. Today I walked out to my car and thought perhaps I needed a sweatshirt! I couldn't believe the change in weather. I actually looked for a sunbeam to try to warm up. There was no sun to be found but instead a very cloudy sky and TONS of wind.  I bet there was a significant windchill factor! The puppies thought it was all very grand.  They had been so miserable last week, running for the bushes, hiding under the shade and begging to go back inside the house. Today - they ran everywhere. Skipping with glee, hopping with happiness and enjoying the cool temperatures.  I think the puppies think I am magic and that I brought the air conditioning outside. They kept running over to me to thank me for the magic air conditioning! I can't take any credit for the change in weather but it was a great day watching all the doggies and puppies enjoy the lovely breeze.  There was a lot of doggie romping with tails wagging and happy puppy zoomies all over the yard. Judging by the pile of zonked out puppies, I think they are all going to sleep well tonight!

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