Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exciting Dinner Conversations

Oh my - our dinner conversations here at Yesteryear Acres are SO exciting!  As soon as my daughters left after Thanksgiving break the dinner conversations have just become more and more riveting.  I do NOT miss my daughters AT all as I am completely enthralled by our evening topics of discussion. When my daughters were home we talked about boring things like what's happening on our favorite TV shows and shopping and fashion and catching up on life and our favorite memories and future plans.  Now that my daughters are gone - boring discussions such as those are a thing of the past.  Just tonight I sat and listened to a 30 minute discussion on the ERG valve repair in my son's diesel truck.  GASP!  I know you had to sit down over the excitement of that one!  O-rings, gaskets, wire brushes for cleaning....the thrilling nature of this discussion cannot be overrated.  That was only slightly more interesting than the other night's talk over torque power, how many hay bales our trailer can hold and/or the cutting blade length of the mower deck.  How I can just sit all night and listen to them talk about the towing capacity of a trailer. It is better than the movies!  The only thing better than our dinner discussions is our nightly ritual of looking up gasoline and diesel prices to see who has the best price. The anticipation that builds to see just WHO has the best gas prices - oh my...that experience is priceless.  Dear daughters, I am not at all counting the days until you come home for Christmas break.  I am so content sitting here listening to Mr. Yesteryear Acres and your brother talk about the 7-pin connector for a whoozywhatzit for the dieselfluxcapacitorrealtrucksdon'thavesparkplugs.  Simply riveting.

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