Friday, December 28, 2012

Proper Cookie Etiquette

As we all know - Christmas time = Cookie time!  Which is the most wonderful time of the year.  I LOVE cookies and I love decorating and making cookies with my family.  We had a cookie baking/decorating day which was a lot of fun.  Even Mr. Yesteryear Acres loves to decorate cookies.  The only dilemma we face is
"Proper Cookie Etiquette"
How does one decide WHICH Christmas cookie to eat first?
My son's philosophy is: "You eat what you frost"  Meaning - the second he is done taking a knife full of frosting and quickly smearing it across the cookie - he eats it.

Mr. Yesteryear Acres philosophy is: "You eat the cookie nearest to you". Meaning whichever cookie you can grab - is fair game.

My younger daughter's philosophy is: "You must eat the head off the cookie first".  She feels this is the most humane.

My older daughter's philosophy and my cookie philosophy are exactly the same: "Eat all the ugly cookies first."  Now you can see the dilemma.  EVERYONE knows our philosophy so whichever cookie we choose first is obviously the ugliest cookie. Then one by one we get down to the prize winning cookies. Then it becomes increasingly obvious WHO is the cookie decorating master.  Our proper cookie eating etiquette always leads to one winner. My older daughter.  Her cookies are always last.  She can't help it.  She is a cookie decorating master.  So now we must begin the "random" eating of cookies.
We really have our work cut out for us

Look at Mr. Snowman! Who can eat him?
Please don't eat my beautiful Christmas Tree!

Snowflake or......
or windswept snowman?  Who goes first?

My Santa was SO AWESOME until........
My older daughter had to make one.  She always wins!
Let the cookie eating begin!

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