Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not a Snowstorm but.......

Every April we have what we have endearingly termed "Mud Season".  You know the adage - "April Showers bring..."  Here at Yesteryear Acres April Showers bring MUD.  Lots and Lots of Mud.
Mud + Doodle Doggies = MORE MUD.
It is a full onslaught of mud season.  Muddy paws, muddy kitchen, muddy pants, muddy shoes, muddy doodle doggie legs.  We have come to accept that Mud Season comes without fail every spring.  We may even go as far as to embrace Mud Season as it prepares our garden for a bountiful planting season.  What we are not prepared to embrace however is MUDDY CHRISTMAS.  I have never heard a Christmas song with the word "BROWN" or "MUD" or "DRIPPING MUDDY DOODLE DOGGIES THAT USED TO BE WHITE BUT ARE NOW CHOCOLATE" on the radio EVER.  It is all "White Christmas" and "FROSTY the SNOWman" and "Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW".  Nowhere is MUD mentioned.  Looking out my window, all I see is RAIN and MUD.  It has been raining here forever.  I mean the weather isn't at all Christmaslike.  It isn't particularly cold. It definitely isn't frosty. And in NO WAY is it white.  Not at all.  You have to watch every step outside because the mud is so slippery and we all know that last year I slipped in the mud and BROKE my ankle!  I do NOT want a repeat!!!!!  I walk like a very old woman outside placing each step precisely with care, for fear that I will slip down mud mountain and end up on crutches again.  sigh.  I am not saying I want a blizzard, not a snowstorm about some snow.  And more snow.  And cold.  And more snow after that.  Okay.  Okay. I AM asking for a snowstorm!  I am dreaming of a White Christmas! AND I am going to use the MUDDY weather as a definitive and accepted excuse as to why all my Christmas decorations are still in the attic. I have to make that mud good for something!!!!!

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