Saturday, December 29, 2012

All of that in THERE??????

Today is PACK my daughter for Europe day. Alternate titles for the day:
That is too much stuff
That can't fit in there
Do you really need that many pairs of socks
How many index cards do you really need
They do sell shampoo in Europe
They do have notebooks in Europe
No one needs that many t-shirts
Yes, one coat is enough
You only have 2 feet - why do you have so many shoes
and finally
ALL of that in THERE?
Oh my.  One suitcase is simply not made for 6 months worth of things. It is really hard to narrow down both a winter wardrobe AND a spring wardrobe into one suitcase.  6 months is a long time to be away from home and there are clothing items, school items, study items, books, toiletries, etc. that all need to fit into one checked bag and one carry on.  It is a mission that is taking all day.  It is a mission that will probably take all night.  Right now - imagine one bed, neatly made - then on top of that very neat bed everything my daughter loves to wear and can't live without is DUMPED into one gigantic mountainous pile........then imagine condensing all of that into a suitcase. I know.  You wish you were me. Back to the packing!

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