Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Cookies yet....BUT MAN can we build a house!

Today was supposed to be COOKIE DAY..........but as everything here at Yesteryear Acres - the "To-Do" list is always subject to change.  Instead of cookie-a-rama day- we became construction workers and built an entire house.  And Barn.  And fencing. We are that good.

Home sweet home....and Barn Sweet Barn

Our home - of course completely built from scratch - complete with a campfire and a stocked pond with fish

We were lucky to have enough "Construction Materials"
as my son liked to sample the building scraps.
Our lovely barn and barn animals. The even have appropriate "bedding".
Every Marshmallow snowman needs a scarf!

Every door needs a candy wreath!

The back of the barn with almond shutters.

And a fire in the fireplace
Since this is Yesteryear Acres
A doggie house complete with licorice Doggie Bowls!
Happy House Building Day!

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