Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Really Cool People

I was told that the cool people put their tree up on Monday but the REALLY cool people put their tree up on Tuesday.  My goal of course is to be REALLY cool and so just in order to satisfy the cool requirement....TODAY is put the tree up day! Yesterday, unbeknownst to me was "have the internet server station crash and be on the phone with technical support for hours only to find out it is a server outage and then have no internet until 4pm making me crazy because how can I update my website day".  Yesterday was also, "Why do all electronics hate me day" and "The end of the Survivor Finale did not record day" and "Mr. Yesteryear Acres will spend 6 hours at Urgent Care for a seriously infected knee day". It was definitely a NONE OF THIS is on my list day. I didn't even eat dinner last night until 9:30pm.  Monday was not funday.  Today is already MUCH better and this morning we began decorating our tree. We had the Christmas music playing and our spirits were merry and bright and by tonight we will have our Living Room officially ready for Christmas.
Here's my favorite Christmas Elf making Christmas happen

And of course we always have doodle help in all that we do.....
Never forgetting our soldiers who keep us safe even through the holidays. 
We can't wait for the day ours can come home. 

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