Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of Videos

Every day I have a smile waiting for me on my phone.  A guaranteed huge smile mixed in with a laugh or two.  My younger daughter and I have been sharing videos back and forth to one another.  She started the whole thing by sending me this hysterical video of her doing one of my suggested workouts.  I returned the favor by sending her a video of me attempting a difficult workout. This began our whole sending each other videos every day which has made the distance between us shrink considerably.  I send her videos from the doggies, from Mr. Yesteryear Acres, from her brother.  Nothing special.  Nothing planned.  Just hey - look what we are doing now kind of things.  By the way, her doggie Penny is VERY good at sending videos.  Mostly Penny sends them from her doggie bed that is nestled next to the radiator.  Penny says things like, "Life is SO tough around here!"  Blossom has been known to send a video or two as well.  Blossom mostly says, "Uh Where are my ice cubes?"  I have to say that my daughter's idea of a video every day has made our time apart so much better!  We plan to keep it up while she is in Europe studying next semester.  With the big timezone difference - I will be able to wake up in the morning and find a video waiting for me with half  of her day's adventures already on it.  When she wakes up she can see all the happenings from the day before at home.  The magic of videos.....guaranteed smiles all day long!

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