Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Command and Control Officer in the House!

Today the long awaited news arrived!  My daughter found out her MOS for the Marine Corps.  MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty which is basically the job she will hold for the Marine Corps after she graduates from TBS in January. I have literally been sitting by my computer with my phone by my side all day long.  Of course I wore all my Marine Corps gear today to be sure to bring good luck to the MOS assignment. My son likes to remind me that wearing my Marine Corps gear has absolutely NO bearing on how well my daughter will fare but I say he is wrong.  The day my daughter was being gassed with gas grenades - I wore my Marine Corps gear and she made it. When she slept out in the open field for an entire week with no rain gear, no sleeping bag, no comforts whatsoever, I wore my Marine Corps gear. When my daughter had to face the 15 mile hump in full gear (weighing around 100lbs) I wore all my Marine Corps gear and did she pass? OF COURSE!  Obviously my Marine Corps gear is the ticket to her success!  It is so obvious! I don't know why my son can't see it.  When he came home from school he took one look at me in my Marine Corps gear and said, "You know that does NOTHING!" but we all know he is wrong.  So today, I sat, in full Marine Corps gear and waited for the call.  Such agony!  Even though my daughter said she was so glad to be a Marine that she would gladly take any MOS, I knew that she had a few that she was really hoping for.  Finally the call arrived.  She will now be a Command and Control Officer for the United States Marine Corps.  It was her second choice and she is really happy.  I am too.  It makes her graduation from TBS at the end of January that much closer.  Way to go my 2nd Lieutenant! I am so proud of you!  Command and Control Officer!  PROUD DAY!


  1. I understand your pride in her. There's something abt. those Marines that is different in their DNA. My father was on Iwo Jima til he was wounded and several of my brothers were Marines and a career nephew. Congratulations to her and her family for all the love and support. Sandi (Kirby's mother)

  2. I have to agree with you. Whenever my husband stopped responding to emails when he was deployed, id sleep in his PT shirt and he'd always make it back eventually. We are sending love and karma their way. How could that be anything but good luck?

    You must be SO proud. Congratulations to your daughter!
    -your fans in new york

  3. Thanks Fans in New York!!! PT shirts definitely bring luck!!!!!!


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