Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lazy Day

Every Christmas break my girls and I spend a whole day watching an entire season of a missed TV show. We start as soon as we wake up and make the laziness last all day long.  The shows last 42 minutes each which is perfect for   taking care of puppies.  We switch puppies after each episode so each puppy gets a turn at one-on-one snuggle TV time.  It is just about the only day of the whole year that we sit and sit and sit.  It is a guilty pleasure that we all enjoy.  Early this morning I put on a batch of homemade beef and barley soup which simmered all day while we got caught up on all that we missed.  Bowls of endless popcorn, a few Christmas candies and a delicious cheese and fruit plate completed our day of awesome laziness. Tonight Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son will be tortured by our girlie film fest as there is no stopping the film fest once it begins.  Lazy day. Everyone needs one now and then!

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