Monday, December 10, 2012

Snuggle Buddy

One of the very best things about raising puppies is that you always have a snuggle buddy. You always have a constant companion AND your constant companion has a happy wagging tail! Puppies are simply love in a furry package.
Here are some of our lovebugs
"I find that my paws stay clean if I stand on Mr. Yesteryear Acres feet"

"I totally know how to work the camera"

"Dear Santa......Can I have a bone for Christmas?"

"Ahhhhhh. This snuggle buddy is JUST RIGHT!"

zzzzzz Visions of Sugar Plums......

I had someone remark that our chocolate double doodle is a little camera shy.  Here is this week's best picture of Mr. Chocolate Boy.  He is REALLY working the camera! Ha ha ha

"I hate mornings"

"Do what I do.....Hit the snooze!"
Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Do you ever have pups that are basic trained (potty mostly and crate trained and cat friendly)??

    Thanks, Penny

  2. We start the early stages of housebreaking here but we don't offer fully trained puppies. Our puppies do love kitties!


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