Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just a Little off the Top

Today I noticed that one of my doodle doggies couldn't see very well.  Her hair had grown too long and was hanging in her eyes.  I quickly grabbed my scissors and trimmed around her eyes.  There.  Much better.  Now she can see! Then I thought, "Hmmmmmmmmm now I think her top knot is just a bit too tall and long. "  So I trimmed the hair all around the top of her head.  PERFECT!  She looks great! "Hmmmmmmmm now her beard looks way too long".   So of course I trimmed that.  Then "Hmmmmm now her head looks WAY too small for her body".  So I started trimming her coat.  And trimming. And trimming. Then her back looked great but the hair on her stomach was way too long. So I started trimming some more.  And more. And more.  Then of course, the hair on her legs was WAY too long for the rest of her and she looked like she was wearing sherpa boots so I started trimming her legs which made her feet look gigantic dust mops so I had to trim her feet. 2 hours later.............ACK!  I have a naked doodle!  Poor doodle doggie.  I called my daughter who said, "WAH!  WHY DID YOU MAKE HER NAKED FOR CHRISTMAS?"  What could I say?   So I began, "Well the doodle doggie couldn't see, so I trimmed her eyes....... You know.....  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie......but with Doodle hair!!!!! Hey at least now the muddy brown doodle paw prints are MUCH smaller! Just a little off the top! Perfect!

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