Monday, June 8, 2015

Can we do this again?

Today has been a fun puppy play day!  All the puppies are now big enough to go outside and have some fun play time.
Truffles puppies just love going outside to play

They are getting really good at going potty outside now

They are just the cutest

and so sweet!

Play time is the best!

Such a good little puppy

And adorable! 
Can we do this again?

Of course we can!

So much love!

Marmalade's Double Doodle puppies have mastered the art of fetch
"Bri! Look what I found!"

"Let's show her our new trick!"

"You brought me leaves! I love them!"

A perfect puppy picture and........

what happens one second after I click the shutter button!
One last potty break

Ok! Back inside we go!

I hope we can do this again!

Sweet Pea's puppies are now venturing outside too!
"I have a secret"

"That was so much fun"

"Can we do this again?"
Of course!
Happy Puppy Picture Monday!

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