Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dentist With Snakes

So last night as I was happily eating some strawberries with whipped cream, a great big CRACK could be heard and out spilled half of my temporary crown. You know the same temporary crown I sat in the dentist chair for THREE hours last Wednesday????  It split right in two.  I called the dentist first thing this morning and said my old tooth lasted 49 years, I was hoping this new one would have lasted longer than one week! I was given an 11:30am appointment and I patiently waited until someone could fix the horrible painful cracked tooth in my mouth! I couldn't eat. I couldn't drink. I could barely talk because even the wind through my mouth hurt.  Once I got in the chair, the hygienist informed me that if I wanted to be numbed, it would take a while before the dentist could see me, but she was happy to put a new temporary crown on my tooth if I could take the "discomfort".  Let's see.  Which is more uncomfortable....sitting in a chair dreading the procedure or sitting in the chair suffering through the procedure.  I decided to tough it out.  Once she started, I quickly regretted my decision.  She said things like, "Oh I bet that stings a little".  UM YES.  As tears were kind of welling up in my eyes and my fingernails were digging deeper into my palms, I thought, "Hey I know!  I'll watch TV to get my mind off this dreaded procedure!"  Last time I was there, I watched a home improvement show and I kept my mind occupied by thinking about how nice it would be to fix my own kitchen.  We have had fixing our kitchen on the to-do list for 10 years and still haven't started.  There is the slightest chance that we will actually begin this arduous project July 1st, so I let my mind happily wander to kitchen cabinet choices and paint colors and how nice it will be when my kitchen is all beautiful.  Watching the TV helped me relax last week so why not try it again this week? I glanced over to the TV mounted high on the wall, ready to reach my zen moment of relaxation when........A GREAT BIG SNAKE WAS ON THE TV.  What do I hate more than the dentist???? SNAKES!!!  What show was on the TV? Snake Wranglers!!!!! ACKKKKKKKKKKK!  Needless to say, I never reached any sort of relaxation state and I did not enjoy round 2 of let's get another replacement crown and I do NOT LIKE THE DENTIST WITH SNAKES! Anybody want to trade mornings with me?

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