Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Not Even a Bite

Yesterday I spent hours on my website and I didn't finish working until midnight.  I really have to change web servers! This continual delay in uploading my pictures and the constant wheel spinning is getting beyond frustrating.  I am going to start researching various options and then begin the gigantic project of migrating my website to a new hosting server. I dread doing it but now it has come to the point, where I dread losing an entire Monday every single week, watching a wheel spin endlessly.  By the time I was done working yesterday, I realized I hadn't even exercised at all. In fact, I barely had any steps.  The only exercise I got was taking the puppies inside and outside and back inside and back outside (which actually add up to about 7,000 steps a day!).  This however doesn't count as "real" exercise and even with my puppy steps, I wasn't even close to my daily goal.  The rule I have made for myself is - no exercise.......no ice cream!!!!!! That is a hard fast rule.  In order to indulge in my favorite desserts, I have to burn some calories. So there I was, at midnight, with my tummy grumbling, wanting to be rewarded with ice cream and I couldn't have any. Not even a bite. Until........ I realized that in fact it was NOT yesterday but it was TODAY!  And TODAY I would exercise! Soooooo I had my ice cream! And today I exercised!  So now the dilemma is......can I have seconds?????

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