Saturday, June 13, 2015

3 O'Clock right on time!

Our puppy pick up day went really well today.  The puppies all loved their new families and the new families all loved their new families. My Saturday's 3 O'Clock appointment was right on time!!!!  Perfect!!!!!  It is amazing what the right day will do for a schedule!  Even the rain worked with my schedule today and all the puppies were able to go outside in between the showers and everyone stayed dry. After the puppies went home Bri and I made a great big stockpot of Beef Stroganoff which is currently simmering on the stove.  We will be making homemade pasta for the Stroganoff right after we are done with the most important part of tonight's meal....BROWNIES!  Mmmmmmm.  I am ready for our feast!  There is the slightest chance that we may finish all our chores at a reasonable hour tonight and get a little time to put our feet up.  Tomorrow's schedule is super busy so I am looking forward to a little down time tonight.  Fingers crossed! For now...back to it. Time to make the pasta!

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