Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Pressure Is On

Hey everyone! It's Austin's girlfriend, Bri. Renee has decided that since I have been a part of Yesteryear Acres for a little over a year, my job title will now not only include cleaning up puppy poop, cleaning up doodle doggie poop, watering the garden (whenever it rains, I watered the garden that day, too!), cleaning the house from top to bottom, playing with the precious puppies (my personal favorite), but also.......you guessed it. Writing the blog as the guest blogger. She has decided to throw me to the wolves for ONE WHOLE WEEK to see how I like writing the blog. As you can all see, I have big shoes to fill. She says it will be interesting to read about life here from my point of view. I say it will be interesting to see my awesome writing skills. Being a student in Nursing School, we shall see if writing is my forte. For now, I guess you can say there is a new sheriff in town! Stay tuned for stories of my experience here at Yesteryear Acres!!

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