Sunday, June 14, 2015

199 Degrees

Today we celebrated Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad's 82nd Birthday. We had a lovely party full of food, family and fun.  This is our 3rd annual big summer family party to celebrate his birthday and we all really look forward to it. My great niece was super excited to see me and couldn't wait for us to take a walk together. She had a lot to tell me like.....
1) She just got back from North Carolina and it was SO FAR! She had to sit in the car for an HOUR to get there!

2) It is sooooooo hot outside.  It is 199 degrees!

3) She can count to 100. "1, 2, skip a few, 100"

4) She needed fresh air so it would be a good idea if I would jog to keep her company so she could ride her bike!
I certainly couldn't ignore the wisdom of a 6 year old so we started out on our walk. First up.....picking mulberries.

Then we HAD to get our picture on the bridge.
I was informed I wasn't doing it right
"Aunt Renee, you have to say 'HEY'!"
See? "Hey!"

Then it was time to jog. "Come on Aunt Renee! I am beating you! Jog faster! I am winning!"
She did not feel she had an advantage going by bike


We made it all the way to the barn and then it was time to jog back 
but......could I go a little faster this time?

Once we were all done with our walk/bike/jog, I realized my great niece was right.  It was 199 degrees outside!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad! It was a great day!

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