Monday, June 22, 2015

Puppy Kisses for Everyone

When I am away at school, my favorite day is always Puppy Picture  Monday. Even though that seems a little backwards for a student, I always look forward to seeing how much the puppies grow each week.
Truffles puppies are getting good at playing hide and seek.
"If we hide behind this tree, they'll never find us!"
But, they never stay hidden for long.
"Yay! Austin found us!"
"Austin, I found him, too!"
"That was so much fun!"
Sweet Pea's beautiful puppies are great listeners
And always come when they are called. 
These soft and cuddly teddy bears give the best hugs. 
That is, until they hear it's time for dinner...
"Did someone say dinner time!?"
"I'm coming, I'm coming!!"
Grits has been the best mommy to her adorable puppies. 
These are the 5 boys.
They just started opening their eyes this week! 
And these are the 5 girls.
Puppy Kisses for everyone.

Happy Puppy Picture Monday! 

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