Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby Bird Spotting

It's no secret that I absolutely love any kind of animal. Especially any kind of baby animal. Whenever I see one my first and only thought is, "I want one." Usually, I am told that I can't have it for reasons like, "They will eat you." or "It is meant to be a wild animal." Today, however, was much different. Austin and I were outside doing some yard work when we heard a bird cry from one of the bushes near us. At first, we couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but as we got closer it became more clear just how far the brave birdie had ventured from its nest.
This baby birdie had fallen from its nest in a tree and found its way to a nearby bush at Yesteryear Acres. The baby bird was a little frightened when it saw us and hopped its way into the driveway where I was able to snap this picture. Of course, my first question was, "Austin! Can we please please please keep it??" You can guess his answer... "No, Bri." Just as he said no, as if it were planned, the mommy bird started calling for her baby and the baby bird started crying back. The call of a mommy bird to her baby was all the more answer I needed. I am sorry mommy bird for wanting to keep your baby. I promise he is back safe in the bush where we found him for you to take care of. 

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