Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This or That?

Today my son's girlfriend Bri and I visited Mount Carmel School of Nursing. Bri has been accepted into Mount Carmel's Nursing program AND she has been accepted into Kent State University's Nursing program.  I am super proud of her! Bri is totally on her own for paying for Nursing school and for making her own way through life. She doesn't have anyone to help and I am amazed at her determination and happy optimistic attitude. She is a ray of sunshine every day!  She made the President's list her freshman year at Kent and is an excellent student.  Now she has the big decision as to where to spend the next 3 years. Since she has already spent an entire year at Kent State, I suggested that we go tour Mount Carmel so that she could see the college before making her big decision. So this morning we were on the road bright and early and had a lovely tour of the Nursing school and the facilities were really nice. The housing was awesome too.  Each dorm room comes with a complete kitchen and washer and dryer which is obviously a huge plus.  Bri and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking about her big choice.  Pros and Cons.  This or That? Obviously the biggest pro in going to Mount Carmel is that Bri will be close by and I won't have to miss her! And she won't have to miss me! Oh yeah.....and maybe just maybe it might be nice that my son will be close by as well. A big pro might also be that Mount Carmel is awesome. The biggest pro in going to Kent State University is that she is ahead of schedule with her credits as she took a heavy class load her freshman year so she will have a perfect schedule for nursing school.
Mount Carmel......Excellent Facilities, Excellent Job Placement, Small Teacher to Student Ratio, and close to me!
Kent State....More Affordable, Big Campus, President's List and Merit Scholarships, Way Ahead of Schedule with Classes already taken

Hmmmmm ...What shall she do?

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