Sunday, October 11, 2015


I can barely watch the evening news as it is just an endless barrage of fighting, sadness, more fighting, death and more sadness. I find my self constantly shaking my head and wondering how did we get to such a place? I have a couple of friends who are battling some very serious health crises and....just like that.....they are facing an abrupt end to what they had hoped would be a long and healthy life. My heart breaks for them over and over and I find myself just sitting on the floor, with my lap full of doodles, soaking in a quiet moment of pure love and compassion. There is much comfort to be found in the unconditional, undeniable love of a furry best friend. In these moments, I think, "Is it that hard to share that same compassion with others?" Just think if everyone took the time to lend a hand or show support or stop judging - things would become so much more beautiful.  It isn't hard to open your heart or your door or your home to someone in need. Just care. Take a moment out of your own busy day to do something beautiful for another human being.  Make a difference.  Do good.  Be good. Care for one another.  We are not guaranteed forever and we are certainly not guaranteed good health.  What we do with the time we are given is up to us. Make every minute count.  Tell those you love how important they are.  Care.


  1. I loved your words. I stopped watching the news a few years ago; I know I’m heading my head in the sand it just too depressing. When I was young man I thought I could make a difference as and artist i still try in a very subtle way.

    When we had our doodle Lexus she knew instinctively how I felt, my sadness, my happiness, it was unreal, and when she died a piece of me went with her. On Sunday we pick up Jasper certainly not as a replacement for Lexus, but as a continuum of the love and companionship of what these wonderful dogs can bring.

    Armin Mersmann

  2. The circle of unconditional love is a beautiful thing. Jasper can't wait to give you puppy kisses on Sunday!


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