Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Now You Can Bake!

Ever since my younger daughter moved to her own place this July, I have been promising to go over for the day and help organize her kitchen. My daughter loves to bake and cook and we have both been so busy that her kitchen has been in disarray since she moved. She can't even bake! Peanut Butter in with macaroni boxes?!  ACK!  This just won't do!  Nothing was where it should be and everything needed redone.  Today was the day!  I got up early and helped Mr. Yesteryear Acres with all the farm chores and was on the road by noon.  I spent the whole rest of the day with my daughter.  We took everything out of the kitchen and then put things back one-by-one, right where they should go. Now she has a proper baking section and her spices are all arranged and her canned goods are all together and her boxed goods are neatly organized and the whole kitchen is happy.  It looks fantastic!  Once we had all the cabinets organized and a nice new shelving system for the pantry, we went out on a little grocery shopping expedition to fill in the gaps.  We went to a store she had never been to, close to her new home, and it had EVERYTHING.  I might need to go back and shop there for my groceries! I found things that I normally have to order online. It was a very successful grocery outing and now my daughter is super excited to go shopping at her new favorite place.  My daughter thanked me a million times and I got the biggest hug ever as I was leaving.  She had just one question before I walked out the door......."Can you come back and help me with my clothes closets?"  Looks like I have another house-organizing promise to keep!  I'll be back!

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