Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Did My Best

On this chilly, rainy, dreary, cloudy, cold, drizzly, windy October day, I did my best to bring back the sun.  Today I have given it everything I have to make sure a bit of warm weather returns to us. I spent the afternoon packing away all my summer clothes.  Skorts - gone.  T-shirts- gone.  Capris - gone.  All packed away and stored until next summer.  There isn't a flip-flop to be found. My closet is now full of sweatshirts, long pants, turtlenecks and scarves.  I really had no choice as I was freezing outside this morning while I was doing the farm chores and the reality of October was too great to ignore. I had to bring out the winter clothes. My heart smiled as I unpacked my sweatshirts and I immediately put on my favorite soft, well-loved shirt.  I am now prepared for the cold damp of autumn.  This can only mean one thing week - summer will return!!!!!!!

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