Saturday, October 24, 2015

I See Puppies!

Today's Labradoodle Breeder Conference was full of great information.  We had a terrific speaker on challenges for the future and protecting the health of the Doodle breed.  It was really great. This afternoon we had an ultrasound demonstration!  A breeder brought in her Mommy Doggie that was bred 28 days ago and......
I See Puppies!!!!!
How cool is that?!

We learned so much this weekend

I took notes on some great ideas to try at home

And they are safely tucked away in my Conference Folder

The schedule of events

So many Doodle breeders eager to learn how to improve their programs
AND my favorite thing of course!  Eating Great Food with AWESOME FRIENDS!
I am lucky to be able to spend the weekend learning so much and sharing and being with caring breeders who love their Doggies as much as I do!!!!!

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