Saturday, October 17, 2015

Carry On

Today I concentrated on doing all the things I could to make things easier for my daughter. I had a big list and the top of it was GET HER BETTER! Thanks to the much needed antibiotics, she started feeling a little better with each passing hour. We spent the day together talking, watching a little TV and relaxing, coloring, and taking care of much needed chores around the house. I washed all her blankets and sheets and remade her bed so it's all nice and fluffy for when I leave bright and early tomorrow morning. All her laundry is done and neatly put away.  Her house is all clean and shiny. One of her friends came over and mowed her lawn so she could keep resting which was incredibly thoughtful. She paid her bills, got a nap, and sat under a heated electric blanket. My daughter was very grateful her mom came down to give her some much needed motherly medicine which she said helps make everything better!   And when I say coloring, boy did we color! We spent time chatting and relaxing with adult coloring books that has all different kinds of designs contained in a larger picture. We did a lion and a horse. As you can see, we had very different visions and outcomes from the same copied and scanned pages. 

It was so fun! While we were coloring, I heard a huge boom! It shook the whole house and I jumped to look up at my older daughter whose reaction was, "artillery...... Carry On." I guess this isn't Yesteryear Acres!! Regardless of the noises and the military jargon and acronyms, we had a wonderful day and loved seeing each other. We ended the day with a fantastic dinner and we both cannot wait to see each other again! Thanksgiving...... Please Hurry! Until then, it is time to pack! 0530am flight! Ack! 

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