Saturday, October 10, 2015

How can I possibly choose a favorite?

Today was puppy visit day.  We had families here starting early this morning and our last family just left.  The puppies had a blast!  All day long they had families oooohing and ahhhing and cuddling and snuggling and playing with them.  It was a great day for them.  I love puppy visit days because the puppies get attention from a variety of people - younger, older, exuberant, shy, long-time dog owners, first-time dog owners and babies, toddlers, grandmas, and grandpas - they get a lot of love from everyone! We heard a lot of "How can I possibly choose a favorite? I love them all!"  We love that!  The puppies do too.  Lots of love, lots of smiles and lots of tail wagging devotion.  Another fun puppy visit day here at Yesteryear Acres!

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