Monday, October 19, 2015

Thanks for the Chicken and Rice

Sugar's Goldendoodle puppies are just starting to open their eyes.  They are getting their very first look at mommy Sugar and of course it is love at first sight!  They are so cute and Sugar is an awesome mommy.  She loves her babies and is taking excellent care of them.  Sugar doesn't mind the extra roasted chicken and rice dinners she has been getting!  Mommyhood is pretty awesome!

Here are Sugar's Goldendoodle Girls

The little girl on the far left opened her eyes first

So snuggable!!!

And here are Sugar's Goldendoodle Boys

The two little guys in the middle are peeking at the camera

I see you!

So cuddly!

and then it was time for a nap again

Puppy Picture Monday is hard work

Nap time is much better!

Happy Monday!!!!!

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