Monday, October 26, 2015

How I missed you!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres was right on time to pick me up from the airport today.  Hurray!  I couldn't wait to get home! But first.......
"We need to run to the warehouse club"
"and the other warehouse club"
"and the tractor parts store for gear oil"
I finally got home about 3 hours after I landed. I was so happy to walk in the door and it was awesome to be welcomed by my tail wagging committee! As soon as I got the SUV unloaded, I started taking puppy pictures. Sugar's Goldendoodle babies are so beautiful!
Oh how I missed you!

Their little ears opened up while I was gone

Now they can hear us walk into the room

And happily greet us with little tail wags

But snuggle time is still their favorite activity

A lap full of puppy hugs

We can't forget the boys!

Snuggly sweet

I missed my furry babies so much

Best Welcome Home Committee

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