Thursday, October 15, 2015

TLC Needed

My older daughter has had a bit of a health crisis and it has been difficult dealing with this situation from far away. I have tried my best to help her but what was really needed was .... TLC.  When it was clear that I needed to be with her, it took me no time at all to book a flight and I was out the door and at the airport before the sun was even up.  I was treated to a beautiful sunrise from 20,000 feet and took a moment to reflect on what is important in life.....
All the other things are just things.  Nothing matters more than the love of family and happy healthy family members.  I will be here through the weekend taking care of my daughter. I got to Camp Lejeune early enough today to go grocery shopping and warehouse club shopping and filled her pantry shelves and refrigerator with healthy fresh food. My daughter is resting comfortably under her new electric blanket and I cleaned up a bit. I even had time to get a chicken in the oven and it has been slowly roasting all day so tonight I will be serving her chicken and rice for dinner. I remain hopeful.......TLC delivered!


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