Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Carpet of Gold

We had gloomy dark skies and stormy weather at Yesteryear Acres today.  It was a grey and dreary, very wet day, yet through all the grey, Autumn's beauty was still to be found.
I am not sure which were bigger, the rain drops or the leaf drops!

How I love my carpet of gold

If you have to do farm chores in the rain, there is no better place than Yesteryear Acres!

The last few gold leaves still holding on

I love my colorful walk!

It makes even rainy days beautiful!

My umbrella

Autumn's reds always makes me smile

Thank you for this beautiful day
Mr. Yesteryear Acres is my favorite person to share a rainy day's chores with

He said, "I just wanted to FALL in love with you today"

"I am LEAVing you a bouquet"
That Mr. Yesteryear Acres......
I fall for him every single day!!!!

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