Friday, October 2, 2015

Doodle or Cat?

My kitten definitely thinks that he is a doodle doggie.  I have him clicker trained, so wherever I am, all I have to do is click the clicker, and he comes running full steam.  He understands commands like, "do you want to go to bed?" and "are you ready for your lysine treat?" and "wanna help do the dishes?". Every night when I tell him that it is bedtime, he runs upstairs and jumps on the bed and is ready for lights out.  When I ask if he is ready for his lysine treat, he runs to where the bag is, and sits and waits for me to open the bag and hand him his treat.  When it is time to do the dishes, he sits on the stool and bats at the various soap bubbles that come his way. He follows me from room to room and is my constant companion. He plays with the doodle puppies every single day and loves to romp around with them.  He snuggles up to the big doodle dogs and loves to get kisses from them.  Today, he wanted in the shower and would not stop crying until I opened the curtain and let him in.  He just sat there in the tub completely satisfied.
He happily sleeps in the Doodle Doggie bed

Helps me write my emails and blogs.
And just when I kitten is actually a doodle.......
He proves he is a cat!
No Doodle Doggie would ever pick cardboard over a real bed!
Well - I guess he will just be.... mostly Doodle! 


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