Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tree Decorating Done!

With our afternoon free yesterday, we finally had the time we needed to decorate our Christmas tree.  Being all together and decorating our tree meant even more to us this year.  Last year our older daughter was deployed and a piece of our heart was missing all holiday season.  I remember running to my room and crying my eyes out when I opened her box of Christmas ornaments.  I didn't even want to hang them on the tree, I missed her so much.  I pulled myself together and came downstairs and hung each and every ornament as I knew she would never want the tree to be missing her presence.  This year, we were together and we got to hang all our ornaments as one big happy family. The only tears I shed were tears of complete and utter happiness.
We always have extra help no matter what we do here at Yesteryear Acres

"They just wanted to wait for Santa!"

Our new hand-blown glass ornaments were the perfect addition!

With 6 people decorating the tree, it looked beautiful in record time

My heart smiled when I watched my older daughter hang her favorite ornament.
The tree smiled too.
We got a new special ornament for our Nurse-to-be 
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
And we know St. Nick will soon be here!
Christmas Happiness......Always

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