Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just Like Mom

If you look closely in our living room, you would see two distinct piles of Christmas presents.  One pile has been lovingly wrapped by Mr. Yesteryear Acres and one pile has been lovingly wrapped by me.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres presents are a work of art.  Each present has exactly the right amount of wrapping paper.  The folds are creased with precision.  The patterns on the ends of the packages are in alignment.  If Frosty the snowman is missing his nose at the edge of a cut piece of wrapping paper, rest assured, his nose will be perfectly affixed with the adjoining piece of wrapping.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has bows and ribbons and perfectly addressed gift tags.  It is a beautiful sight. Mr. Yesteryear Acres got his wrapping talent from his mom.  She taught him well.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres mom also wraps her presents with extreme precision.  Her presents say, "I care so much, just look at this perfectly wrapped beautiful present I wrapped just for you."  Her presents are works of art.
 Mr. Yesteryear Acres pile of presents......just like mom. 
On my side of the room, you will find a preponderance of tape.  You will find tape upon tape upon tape.  You will find extra wrapping paper to fill in all the gaps left by cutting too small a piece of wrapping for the present.  You will find snowmen without noses. Plaids without continuing plaid patterns.  And you will find a LOT of extra wrapping paper.  Especially on the ends.  My presents have a lot of cushion to them.  My barely legible gift cards will never come off due to my love of tape.  I have yet to cut a piece of wrapping paper to perfectly fit a present. My presents say, "I spent hours wrapping this present that I lovingly picked out for you and you will love love love this present so much, even though you can't tell that I really tried to make my wrapping match the love hidden inside.... I did my best!"
My pile of presents...........just like my mom.
Thankfully, everyone loves my misshapen gifts of love!

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