Thursday, December 3, 2015


Today I had to run some errands which included going to the warehouse club all by myself.  Normally Mr. Yesteryear Acres does the warehouse club run or we go together.  We always buy cases of water, multiple large buckets of cat litter, 10-12 gallons of milk and of food, dog food, dog food.  The flatbed always is filled to capacity and then some.  The checkout people always marvel at our stacking skills not to mention the sheer quantity.  Well today, I had to do the warehouse shopping without backup.  I really hate pushing the flatbed because I am awful at it.  I zigzag all through the store and can never push it in a straight line.  My corner turning is pretty pathetic as well. Somehow I managed to get everything off the list AND loaded into the SUV.  This is a major accomplishment. Before I started lifting weights 2-3 times a week, I could never dream of getting anything off of a flatbed and then into an SUV.  The flatbed is at such a weird angle for my bad back that it used to be a guarantee that my back would slip out if I even tried. With my dedicated strength training, I have been getting stronger and stronger so I am now able to lift from a cart to the SUV with no problem at all.  Today, I passed the flatbed test!  I got every bag of dog food unloaded. The bags are 33-50lbs each!  I got 4 buckets of cat litter unloaded - which is 168lbs of litter and I got everything loaded into the SUV without asking for help.  I got it all done and was quite proud of myself.  The best part.......when I got home, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was waiting for me in the driveway so I didn't have to do it all again. Whew!  Mission accomplished!


  1. Great job!! Your training has really made a great difference! I love your posts and your site. If you ever need a home for your doodle parents, please let me know. I would really like to have one but really can't do a puppy as my hubby is a quad and I am his full time caregiver. We are really looking for a 2-5 year old female that could be a lap dog for us. We are a very loving family and are retired/disabled. Thank you for all you do for your doggie family! They always look so happy and healthy. :)

    1. I will be glad to let you know when we have an older doodle doggie looking for a new home!

    2. Thank you so much! I know our grandkids (8, 11, 15) would love to have someone to play with also. The two youngest are here to visit 2-3 days a week and every weekend. They only live 4 houses away and coming here gives mommy and daddy a little free time. Again, thank you so much!


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