Sunday, December 27, 2015

Don't Eat That!!!!

My son's focus on our Christmas Baking is all about how things taste.  As soon as the Christmas cookies come out of the oven, he wants to eat them.  This year he said he was very tired of us making Christmas cookies that are so special that he isn't allowed to eat them. He insists that every single year we refuse to let him eat the cookies until they are so old that they are no longer tasty.
"Can I have the wreath?"
"What about the Yesteryear Acres snow globe?"
Don't Eat That! 
"What about the Mike and Ike's on the Gingerbread House?"

"Swedish Fish from the pond?"
Don't Eat The Fish! 
"How about...."

Don't Eat That!!

Not Frosty!!!!!

Leave the Marine Alone!!!!!!

You can't eat the Nurse Bri Cookie!!!! 
Not the Christmas Bear Sweater!!!!!
....and then it began
Suddenly Frosty was armless
They Holly Wreath was bowless
The cookie carnage had begun
Even the Gingerbread House was no longer safe
Goodbye Licorice roof!
The only thing left was
his cookie to Olive
that is
my daughter took her revenge.
Goodbye Olive cookie
Got Milk?

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