Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thank you Puppy Families

Today was puppy visit day for Marmalade's puppies. We had lots of families here and originally we had scheduled an entire day full of puppy visits.  I emailed the puppy families and asked if they would be so kind as to rearrange their schedules so they could visit with the puppies this morning.  My older daughter was coming home from Camp Lejeune and my younger daughter had the day off of work so I really wanted to spend the afternoon with my whole family.  It is rare that we can be all together at once.  Every puppy family obliged and we had a morning full of smiles and puppy tail wags!  The puppies loved all the attention.  At one point, every puppy had someone to love!  It was a lot of fun for the puppies and I am pretty sure the puppy families loved it too.  We were all done with our puppy visits by early afternoon which left the rest of the day free to spend with the family.  It was really the perfect day.  Thank you so much puppy families!  I enjoyed our visit and we enjoyed our family afternoon time!

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