Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Sister to the Rescue

My older daughter went to my younger daughter's house today to help make freezer meals. My younger daughter's schedule at work is always changing.  She will have to work nights one week, early mornings the next week and sometimes mid-day, overnights, and early mornings all in the same week.  She never knows her schedule in advance so having healthy dinners has been an obstacle for her.  My older daughter has perfected the art of never knowing when she will be home.  She decided to lend her talents to her younger sister and help teach her how to prepare at least a week's worth of meals in one day.  Big sister to the rescue!
Fresh Vegetables are first on the list
Delicious with any meal! 
Ready for the oven!
Everyone loves Roasted Veggies!

A little Spaghetti Sauce
A little Marinated Chicken Breast
 and before you know it.....
Individual Meal Packets are ready!

Voila! A freezer full of happiness!
Dear Older daughter of mine,
Thanks for the big sister rescue.
Your little sister will be smiling with her full and happy tummy for weeks!

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