Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Get Ready for Work

My morning routine is probably one of my favorite reasons why I love working at Yesteryear Acres. It looks a lot like this...
Rise and shine Maverick! Time to get up and start the day!

But first I must snuggle with my favorite alligator while you brush your teeth... Mav is the king of hitting the snooze button!
Once at work... it is a whole other chore to get your boots on!

Umm kitty cats? Can I please tie my boots?

Hey friends! Want to join our snuggle party?

The rest of my day is then filled with cuddles, snuggles, and lots of love!

Hemingway is the best kitty cat! He follows me everywhere

Playing fetch makes everyday a good day

When the day is over and it's time for bed again...

We all pile in bed and prepare for the next day at Yesteryear Acres!



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