Thursday, October 19, 2017

From the Big Tomato to the Big Apple

The annual Labradoodle Breeder conference is here!  It is time for classes and lectures and all things Doodle so that we can enrich our Doodle Puppies and Doodle Doggie lives even more. This year the conference is in New York City so I left Yesteryear Acres, my doodle doggies, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my many boxes and boxes of tomatoes behind and hit the friendly skies.
Statue of Liberty
Very first stop - NYC BAGEL!
The desserts at last night's get together
This is what heart-filled happiness looks like. I was starving last night and too tired to go out, so my friend brought a hamburger and potato chips all the way to my hotel room so I wouldn't perish.
I went to sleep with a full tummy and happy grateful heart.
Ready for the first lecture!
Puppy Culture
Raffle Items
So much good information
Glad to know we are doing all we can during the neonatal period
Good advice for new puppy owners
Oh my gosh.......Did someone say dinner time?
Can't wait for more learning tomorrow!

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