Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sweet Mango Double Doodle Puppies

Mango's little Double Doodle puppies are so adorable!  They bring smiles to our hearts every day!
Why hello there! 
Let's explore! 
What's over there? 
Hahahaha! Sneak Attack!  Made you look! 
He always does that 
Can we play with you? 
Of course puppies! 
I always love playing with you 
You are the best cuddlers 
And listeners
Good little puppies!
How about a nice back scratch? 
and a little pat on the head
There is room for everyone 
Double Doodle Puppy Happiness 
Everyone gets love 
and a kiss! 
Thanks Amelia 
She's the best 
Another fun day! 
Happy Tuesday!

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