Sunday, October 15, 2017

Uhmmm Maverick?

Here at Yesteryear Acres I am the official dog groomer. It is one of my favorite jobs as I LOVE to pamper our lovely pooches. Today I decided Maverick needed a haircut. I adore him fluffy, but he had so much hair that he was constantly panting and collecting all sorts of things in his hair on our adventures. So today he got buzzed. Even though I KNOW I started with my own dog Maverick... I have to say as I was trimming his hair I started thinking... Uhhhhmmmm Maverick? Is that you?? My poor puppy is naked!! I guess that means he needs more cuddles and blanket time! Here is to an evening of snuggles for my 'new' doodle Mav!
This is my fluffy doodle dog before...
Don't worry Maverick... we will just trim a little around your feet... See? Even Hemingway isn't concerned about the haircut
Sorry Maverick! You can keep my jacket buddy! 

I still think you are the coolest doodle around! Even without your fluff 

Maverick says come back when my hair grows in... until then.... I am in hiding!



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