Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Adventures of Bo

This week I have been training Nutmeg's sweet Chocolate Double Doodle named Bo. He has been quite the good puppy so far! He has had no accidents overnight in his crate, no accidents in my house or anything! Bo definitely was not a fan of the leash at first... He has now graduated from a "rock" refusing to walk, to a very boisterous real live puppy who loves adventures. Bo is super sweet too! He loves following me everywhere and even has brought smiles to my friends via snapchat and FaceTime. Bo is one happy snuggly guy!

Look I am walking!!! I am no longer a rock to walk!

Bo you are the best!!!

Sometimes I like to call you Hershey Kisses! SLURP

Nap time with new friends 
Bo's face after he learned how to squeak his bunny by himself... Priceless

Another great day of learning!



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