Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hint Hint

This morning next to my cup of coffee I found a little hint waiting for me. There was a perfectly polished apple just relaxing next to my daily dose of happiness.

Hmmmm what could this mean?

Just as I was pondering the significance behind the apple.... Mr. Yesteryear Acres just happened to walk into the kitchen. He casually said, "man we have a lot of apples to eat... I bet some of them would like to become a dessert"

Aha! The apples would like to become a dessert would they? I guess I can work with that!

One apple pie ready to bake

Brown sugar apples for pancake toppings

And one big pot of apples ready to become homemade caramelized apple sauce! 

Don't forget the fresh butter!


Thanks for the hint dear father of mine!



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