Monday, October 2, 2017

Doodle Doggie Comfort

Waking up to the news this morning was heartbreaking. I watched the news unfold with tears running down my face.  After tragedies like this, I am left wondering what is the best way to approach life. Do we stop doing everything and instead hunker down at home and never leave? Do we become hermits so we can all stay safe but then miss out on adventures and outings that bring us joy? Or do we venture out and enjoy all the things life has to offer only to face the very real fact that in the midst of happiness, we could face being murdered? All I know is that I feel sad.  I felt sad all day. Hurricane catastrophes, political unrest, innocent lives is hard to even turn on the news.  Today was a day to turn to my Doodle Doggies for comfort.
This feels much better
Sweet Adorable Double Doodle Puppy Pictures to be posted tomorrow

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