Wednesday, October 25, 2017

One Last Haul

As I was sitting eating my delicious tomato sandwich for lunch
The dreaded forecast came on the news.  FREEZE warning! Oh no!  The Garden!  The bountiful garden of deliciousness! And so with great was time to pick one last haul of goodness to enjoy. 
The onions look fantastic! 
You can always count on Doodle Doggie help for the tomato picking! 
We ended up with 3 peck baskets.  Not bad for the end of October!!!!!
Time to cut all the cabbage 
Ummmmm that's a lot of cabbage! 
Looks like cabbage for dinner (again)!
Just when you think you are all done...... 
Let's dig up potatoes!
There is a slight change we may have missed this zucchini last week

Thank you Yesteryear Acres Garden.....we will be enjoying your veggies all winter long!

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