Friday, October 6, 2017

Garden With a Twist

For months I have had Mr. Yesteryear Acres Christmas present idea on my secret "Christmas Buying List." Mr. Yesteryear Acres has wanted a Spiralizer to make Spiral cut vegetables for the longest time.  I figured that it would make the perfect Christmas gift. Every day I have to hear Mr. Yesteryear Acres say how much he would LOVE to have spiral vegetables.  Every day I listen how AMAZING it would be to eat "noodles" made out of zucchini.  I have held fast to my Christmas giving date and mom got Mr. Yesteryear Acres the Spiralizer. She decided that poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres couldn't wait another minute to have his curly veggies!  I have never seen a man so happy in all my days!
It works! 
Yellow Zucchini 
and Green Zucchini 
One Happy Mr. Yesteryear Acres! 
He finally got his Garden with a Twist!
Roasted Zucchini and Vidalia Onion "Noodles"
And yes - it really was DELICIOUS!!!!!  Can't wait to have it again!

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