Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wedding Photos

For once, I was NOT the photographer at a family event! I wasn't sure how I felt about that either. I mean, I take 182,899,987,983 pictures at every single family happening.  It is what I do.  For my older daughter's wedding however, I relinquished control and hired someone else to do the pictures. It was quite fun for me to just be in the moment and to sit back and enjoy the festivities.  The hardest part was waiting a month after the wedding for the pictures to come back!  Normally I would RUN to my computer and start uploading my thousands of pictures the second I got in the door.  I had to practice patience.  I had to practice the art of waiting.  Finally...the wedding pictures are here!!!!!!!  YAY!  Here are a few photos of the beautiful lovely wedding ceremony!
Ready for the wedding! 
One last Mother Daughter hug 
The "Dog of Honor & Ring Bearer" 
It was a beautiful ceremony 
Full of love 
Mr. & Mrs! 
Bear - the Ring Bearer 
Blossom - the Dog of Honor 
Family Picture time 
The Wedding Party 
The Bride and Maid of Honor - also known as MY GIRLS!
My son Austin was an excellent bridesMAN 
I am so lucky to have the best son-in-law 
Family Picture! 
And thanks to the photographer - All 5 of us are in the picture! 
First Dance 
Father / Daughter Dance 
True Love
Sword cutting of the cake 

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